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Introducing our new $20,000 Club!

Recently the Central Virginia YWCA introduced our "$20,000 Club", the newest way to get involved in the YW and give back to the greater Lynchburg community.  Members pledge to give $1,000 a year for three years to the YWCA.

The Charter $20,000 Club is now closed. Thanks to all involved! Please contact Caroline Hudson to be involved in $20,000 Club II.

Current members include:

Board Member

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Sabrah Briers
Dr. and Dr. Michael and Pamela Sherman-Browne
Mr. and Mrs. Preston and Liz Bryant
Ms. Mary Spencer J. Craddock
Ms. Lynn Cunningham
Ms. Trudy B. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Beth Doucette
Ms. Rosa Franklin
The Honorable Elmon T. Gray
Ms. Katharine T. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Susan Harrison
Ms. Caroline Hudson
Ms. Susan Key
Ms. Margaret K. Lippard
Mr. John "Gene" Mercer
Floyd W. Merryman
Dr. Pamela Herbert Minkler
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and Ellen G. Nygaard
Ms. Rosel Schewel
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Vaden
Ms. Carrie Wisman

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Peggy Colwell
Rev. Karen Joy Kelly


Thank you all for your generosity and commitment to the great programs at the YWCA. You are providing important, sustainable funding for the YWCA in these uncertain and difficult times. It is through this club that the YW will continue to grow and effectively serve the community.

If you are interested in joining the $20,000 Club, please contact Caroline Hudson at (434) 847-7751 or email us.

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