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Children's Supervised Visitation Center

                    ...Securing the Family Connection

One of our newest programs provides a safe, monitored, child-focused environment where children can visit noncustodial parents or grandparents. Located on the bus line at the Town Center, the Center serves children in Central Virginia who need a secure location for supervised visitations.

The Center serves family going through:

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Custody battles
  • Neglect cases
  • Abuse cases

Families are usually court-referred or recommended by attorneys, social service agencies, or other community agencies.  All exchanges and visits are monitored by security cameras and YW personnel.  There are places to talk, play games, eat lunch -- there's even a gym available. Visits are held on the weekends and throughout the week by appointment and cost $25 per hour.

All families must attend an orientation before visits can be scheduled.  Visits are to be scheduled in advance by contacting the Visitation Center Coordinator, Brenda Dunning, at the YWCA. If you would like more information please call Brenda at (434) 528-1041 or (434) 847-7751 or email us.

It is our goal to protect victims of family violence by providing a secure place where visitation or exchanges can occur and to prevent further re-victimization of children and abused parents.  By offering a safe place for families to meet, we are keeping families connected -- and safe.


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