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Residential and Transitional Housing:

Residential Housing

This program, which began in 1912, provides safe, affordable, dormitory style rental housing for low-income single women, 18 years and older.

We offer the following services:

  • 42 rooms, 18 beds are designated for transitional residents
  • All rooms are furnished -- including linens and utilities
  • Safe, comfortable, smoke-free atmosphere
  • On-site community kitchen with a food pantry
  • Dormitory style baths and laundry facilities
  • Lounges with cable television
  • Activities including monthly birthday dinners and holiday parties

At this time rent is $60 a week or $260 per month. All residents must work or have some form of income. We will work with residents to help them locate the community resources they need. Most importantly, we strive to teach our residents to prioritize in order to build a better life. We often say "pay your rent first," because you need a place to live before you can have anything else. If you or someone you know is interested in housing at the YW, please contact JoAnne Anderson at (434) 847-7751 or email us.


Transitional Housing:

Since 1997, the YWCA's Transitional Housing Program has helped women, ages 18 and up, who fit the government classification of homeless. Eighteen rooms are designated, or "reserved," for homeless women and all rooms are furnished, including linens and utilities. We will work with the residents to locate the community resources they need. 

The Transitional Program also offers:

  • Membership and security deposit requirements waived
  • Transportation assistance/ bus passes
  • Assistance to find medical care
  • Access to our donated items
  • Access to food pantry
  • Access to rental assistance
  • Assistance in locating permanent housing



The women in this program come to the YW for many different reasons.  Some come from emergency shelters, some come from prison, some were living house-to-house with friends. Some simply don't have a regular place to sleep. Whatever the reason, this program helps them achieve the most important step in building a better life -- having a place to live. Again, please contact JoAnne Anderson at (434) 847 7751 or email us  for further information.

All are welcome!

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