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Ygyrl Leaders Programs

The YWCA Ygyrl Leaders Programs serve adolescent girls through a Partnership In Education with Lynchburg City Schools and through working partnerships with area businesses, organizations, colleges and achieving women from the community.

YWCA – Young Women Can Achieve!


To Empower Through Positive Role Models a Diverse Group of Young Women of Untapped Social, Economic and Leadership Potential


Through the Ygyrl Leaders Program the YWCA of Central Virginia seeks to increase participation of young women from all backgrounds in community leadership and decision making roles and to increase their future academic and economic empowerment.

Strategic Goals:

    • Create group training and activities for a diverse group of young women that will promote the values of the YWCA and Ygyrl Leaders in a nurturing and safe environment for them to explore and realize personal, academic and career potential.
    • Help young women improve scholastically and graduate from high school.
    • Facilitate connections with positive role models for program participants from colleges, businesses and the community to enhance and reinforce the training and values of Ygyrl Leaders. Model and encourage positive behaviors and attitudes that will ensure personal/academic/career success.
    • Encourage participants to become more confident in their own voice in leadership at home/school/community and to take part in community development. Develop community connections that may enhance the lives of program participants and others in the community.

Prospective Participants and Prospective Volunteers/Interns

Contact Information: 434-847-7751 or Email: tmillerywca@yahoo.com
You may visit our website at ygyrlleaders.wetpaint.com to gain an overview of the program, see calendar dates, and have access to program applications and other forms.

Ygyrl Leaders may also be contacted on Facebook
Volunteer forms are available on the homepage of this site or at the front desk of the YWCA, 626 Church Street, Lynchburg, VA, 24504 Participant forms are also available at the wetpaint site or at the front desk.

For more participant information please read below to determine which group you would be most suited for.

Ygyrl Leaders – Active Leadership Status

Girls motivated by and engaged in intensive leadership training and exploration to build their voices in advocacy, leadership and community building.

  • Rising 9th graders and up through 12th grade
  • Participate in active learning to enhance leadership skills.
  • Connect with community role models and mentors who encourage girls to maintain their commitment to leadership.
  • Strive for and maintain academic and disciplinary excellence.
  • Practice leadership as peer role models.

Ygyrl Clubs - Service Oriented Leadership Outreach

Girls motivated to serve their communities through volunteer efforts and advocacy on issues important to adolescents and their families. 

  • Rising 9th graders and up through 12th grade
  • Commitment to monthly team sessions – building effective outreach teams.
  • Commitment to monthly service outreach – both individually and as a team.
  • Engaged with peer role models in effectively carrying out the service and fundraising projects of the Ygyrl Leaders.
  • Engaged with community persons and resources to positively impact their school and neighborhoods.
  • Gaining experience in a variety of fields through volunteerism.

Ygyrl Drummers - Leadership and Outreach Through Drumming

Girls motivated through practice and performance to grow as leaders and connect with their community through drumming, music and other creative arts.

  • 12 years and older
  • Commitment to practice and growing as a drummer/performer.
  • Commitment to enhancing leadership potential through drumming.
  • Commitment to sharing the experience of drumming and leadership with the community.
  • Engaged with community role models to develop as a performer and in outreach.
  • Engaged as a role model to peers and younger persons.

Choose the group most suited to your passion, commitment ability and availability. We’d love to have you become part of our leadership team!


Please contact us to let us know how we can help you in your outreach or to have our performance Ygyrls conduct a workshop, advocacy performance or outreach to your group. See the above contact information.

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