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We have many events throughout the year at the YWCA.  Some of these events are open to the public and some are private.  We will mark these events either "closed" or "open."  If the event is marked "open" please feel free to join us.  Call 434-847-7751 for more information.

Upcoming YW Events:


October                      “Purple Purse”Domestic Violence Awareness & Fundraiser

October 3                   Danville Candlelight Vigil, Ballou Park, 6-7 pm

October 11                 CADV Meeting, Lynchburg DSS, 8:30 am, RSVP 528-1041

October 12                 HAVEN Walk, Danville, 9:00-1:00, Community Market/Ballou Park
Registration at 9:00, walk begins at 10:00; 2 ½ mile walk.


                                  “Race,Poverty & Social Justice” Conference at Randolph College,



October 14                 Week Without Violence News Conference, 10 am, Town Center

October 16                 DV Luncheon, Ivey Room, noon, RSVP 528-1041

October 21                 Week Without Violence, Danville & Chatham


                                   Fear 2 Freedom, Liberty University, 7:00-9:00 pm (SARP)


October 23                 DV Luncheon, Ivey Room, noon, RSVP 528-1041

October 24                 Candlelight Vigil, Lynchburg College, 7 pm

October 25                 Royal Ball, The Bedford Columns, 6:30-10:30

November 5               SARP In-Service “Campus SaVE”, LGH, 6:00-7:30 pm




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