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Ygyrl Leaders is in need of a few good women!  We are currently accepting interest from local ladies who may be interested in helping with a very important program of the YWCA.  Ygyrl Leaders helps High School age teens in reaching their full-potential while in school and after.  Take a look at the list of events below and call or email if you can help.

 Contact Terri Miller, tmillerywca@yahoo.com or 434-847-7751

    -  Average commitment is about 2 hours per week
       Mentoring training event: Sept 19 from 9am-2pm in Bonner Leaders Rm (Hall Campus Ctr) at Lynchburg College
       RSVP: by 9/15 to Terri Miller

    - November 3 recruiting college day mentors for high school girls - Take a Ygyrl to College Day; host a Ygyrl for one day to               shadow you as you go to class, have lunch, hang out at dorm, etc....

    - Mentors learn drumming with girls, but we also need interested drummers to join us in our community outreach called the               Djembabes, taking the lessons learned into the community to teach and perform

    - Volunteers to work with Ygyrl Alumni helping with SAT/ACT prep, college application process, scholarship search and prep -           this can be on an individual basis or group activity planned for a few hours or a day

    - Guest speaker on special topics for afterschool group meetings or special event; ie: environment, infectious disease, goal               setting, relationship building, conflict resolution, self- image, college prep, career exploration, ...

    - Person or groups to help with Ygyrl Garden Project with Lynchburg Grows for Domestic Violence Shelter
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