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ywca general assembly approves revised mission statement


( Washington , DC , May 3) The YWCA USA General Assembly voted by an overwhelming 91% margin to amend our national bylaws and revise the organization’s mission statement to read:


YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


Common use of the YWCA USA mission statement is a standard of affiliation across all local Associations. The revision is now ready for implementation among all local Associations, starting with amending bylaws and updating websites, printed materials, and presentations. 


Please note: The National Coordinating Board (NCB) passed an implementation resolution so that each local Association can insert its legally incorporated name, for example “YWCA Tulsa, at the beginning of the mission statement.


The YWCA mission statement revision involved an extensive two-year process that included input from local Associations, Regional Councils and the NCB. Special thanks to all who worked tirelessly on this initiative: Barbara Dawson, Board Member, YWCA Cambridge, MA/New England Region; Rowie Taylor, Executive Director, YWCA Schenectady, NY/Northeast Region; Maureen Powers, Executive Director, YWCA Lancaster, PA/Mid-Atlantic Region; Caroline Hudson, Executive Director, YWCA Central Virginia, VA/Southeast Region; (through early 2008, Phyllis Martin, YWCA Greenville); Carol Fitzgerald, Executive Director, YWCA Sauk Valley, IL/Great Lakes Alliance Region; Janeen McGee, Director of Shelter Services, YWCA Wichita, KS/Greater Heartland Region; Felicia Collins Correia, Executive Director, YWCA Tulsa, OK/Southwest Delta Region; Debi Robinson Smith, Volunteer, YWCA Washington State University, WA/Northwest Region; Diane Masseth Jones, Executive Director, YWCA North Orange County/Pacific Region; and Martha Breunig, Resource Consultant of the New England Regional Council who served as volunteer scribe throughout the process. Our Supporting Consultant was Jennifer Rutledge of Delphi Consulting Group.


Great job -- thanks to everyone!


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