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A new video was produced for the YWCA's new domestic violence shelter called Frannie's House that soon will be located in Altavista, VA. This video features Linda Ellis Williams who is now the Director of the YWCA’s Domestic Violence Prevention Shelter. Linda was once a victim of domestic violence and a resident of the shelter. Frannie’s Friends Steering Committee, which operates under the umbrella of the YWCA of Central Virginia (located in Lynchburg), is charged with raising $298,000 for the project. To date $100,000 has been raised through the efforts of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. $10,000 of this is in the form of a three-year grant. This video was produced by David Duncan Photography.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008, 50 Brentwood (www.brentwoodchurch.org) women spent an evening serving the residents at the YWCA of Central Virginia. Their mission was to pamper the women that night by remodeling the lounge, deep cleaning the kitchen. Women were given haircuts, massages and manicures... as well as numerous toiletry products. The event lasted 3 hours. The video was produced by David Duncan Photography.

Linda Faye Hernandez survived many years of abuse from her husband. In 2003 she moved to Lynchburg, VA and found herself on the doorsteps of the YWCA of Central VA. Linda Faye shares her story in this short video that was produced for the YWCA’s Purse & Passion Luncheon, a fundraiser that took place May 1st, 2008 in Lynchburg, VA. Part of the funds raised will be used towards their elevator fund. The building that houses the YWCA is over 95 years old. The third and fourth floors house women of all ages; there are over 64 steps they take to get to the 4th floor. Most of the residents struggle to carry their grocery and daily necessities up them. Some of the women suffer from medical problems that make it hard to climb the steps. To date the YW has raised around $100,000 towards the effort. The YW is 5 stories high, so the cost is considerably great. The video was produced by David Duncan Photography.

The YWCA of Central Virginia's Prom Dress Super Sale that took place January 19th in Lynchburg, VA and was a huge success. We sold over 250 dresses and raised $6,800 dollars. We want to talk the community for supporting this event, the YW staff and all the volunteers who helped out that day. To view the slide show, drag the slider to the right. This multimedia was produced by David Duncan Photography.

This video looks at the life experiences of Linda Ellis who was abused by her ex-husband for years and who is now an advocate at the YWCA of Central Virginia's Domestic Violence Prevention Center (DVPC). This year Brentwood Church partnered with the YWCA of Central Virginia and is donating gift cards to the ladies at the DVPC and the ladies at the YW's Town Center. David Duncan Photography and Ufema Productions teamed up to shoot and produced this short video for Brentwood Church.

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