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The YWCA Great Lakes Alliance Region is a vital network of powerful, thriving local associations that tranforms women's lives, their communities and the world. 

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It’s October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month, YWCA Week Without Violence – and time for us to concentrating our collective efforts to promote sales of Rise Up Against Domestic Violence musical compilations in our region and in our communities. Below you will find a newsletter which gives you background information, facts, promotional ideas, and purchase information to help you publicize this exciting project in your community.

Our goal is for each of the participating regions to generate sales of 600 compilations in each of our regions. That will get us to the breakeven point after which 30% of all sales will come back to local associations in participating regions for domestic violence and sexual assault programs.

Please post on your facebook page or twitter account. Include on your website and in your newsletters. Have other creative ways to get the word out and generate sales? – let me know!
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Becky Hines
GLA Executive Director

YWCA Great Lakes Alliance Region (GLA) comprises 45 local YWCAs in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and YWCA St. Louis in Missouri. GLA is an important part of the social structure and the economy of this region. Its member associations employ over 4,000 people, who provide a broad range of services to over 300,000 customers in nearly 500 locations. In support of the YWCA vision and mission - eliminating racism and empowering women - GLA local associations enriched the regional economy by nearly $150,000,000, as they provided the following programs:

  • 87 personal economic development programs to help women improve their abilities to earn more money and to manage finances more effectively
  • 58 programs to build common grounds of understanding among people of different racial backgrounds
  • 65 housing and support projects for homeless women and women experiencing family violence
  • 82 anti-violence programs
  • 353 child care and youth programs for preschool and school-age children
  • 56 leadership skill-building opportunities for adults and children
  • 351 health and fitness programs

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