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 YWCA Women’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program  

The YWCA Women with Children residential substance abuse treatment program is a state licensed, clinically managed residential treatment service.  In addition, we offer intensive outpatient and extended outpatient services for our clients. 

Some intensive outpatient clients choose a residential option and live at the YWCA during treatment.  Treatment is directed toward applying recovery skills, preventing relapse, promoting personal responsibility and reintegrating the resident into the worlds of work, education and family life. 

We support and direct clients by offering guidance in many aspects of recovery.  We encourage a comprehensive approach to goal setting, valuable life skills, physical and mental health, employment, vocational or educational needs and family support.  At the YWCA Center for Life Empowerment, we are dedicated to empowering women, supporting their recovery and reunifying families. 

Our Treatment Programs offer: 

  • Individual and group counseling by certified addiction counselors
  • A family friendly environment where a mother can bring her children with her or reunite with her children during treatment
  • Supportive care with 24 hour staff
  • Three nutritionally balanced meals per day
  • Counseling and Case Management tailored to each client's specific needs and goals
  • Daily programming designed to enhance each client's life skills
  • Weekly on-site 12 step support meetings
  • Weekly on-site parenting programs
  • Large variety of on-site physical activities
  • Assistance and encouragement in attaining educational needs, GED, job training or becoming gainfully employed
  • Convenient downtown location within walking distance of schools, churches, grocery stores, the public library, employment agencies businesses and restaurants

The decision to become a residential treatment facility was influenced by many factors.  Often clients from were not able to locate primary treatment facilities in the area that allowed children. The community and state are confronted with an ever increasing need for primary residential treatment. The treatment philosophy of the YWCA’s management and counseling is that long term residential substance abuse treatment provides for enhanced outcomes, so the program at the YWCA is a long term program with average length of stays ranging from nine months to one year. But as with all programming at the YWCA, treatment is fully individualized for each client and their particular needs and goals.

Necessary documents were prepared, and the initial state inspection of the facility coincided with completion of the remodel of the building. The license was issued in July, 2007. A contract with Magellan, the state payer of substance abuse treatment services, was then negotiated, and as of May 1, 2013, the YWCA admitted its first primary residential treatment client into the program.


This newly remodeled kitchen is used by the women in our residential Program.

Round the clock staff is required to monitor items being brought into the building and oversee the distribution of all medications.  Treatment Technicians also perform room checks, supervise food preparation, make sure chores have been completed satisfactorily, and interact on a personal level with YWCA residents. Our "Techs" function as teachers, mentors and role models.  They recognize that life skill deficiencies may have played a significant role in each resident’s substance abuse. 

Pictured above is one of our newly remodeled rooms. Each room has a different design. 

The YWCA recognizes that there will be women in need of treatment who do not have Title XIX or health insurance. A sliding fee scale is available. Fund-raising initiatives, donations and program fees also help to subsidize treatment for this group of residents.



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