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The YWCA Greater San Bernardino has long been a provider of quality childcare.  We offer many options to our community in this area.  From governors to economists, from parents to pediatricians, most people recognize that investing in high-quality preschool, particularly for children from low-income families, reaps tremendous rewards for the children, families and communities in which they live.

At your YWCA’s, three childcare programs are offered that address the needs of each child as they prepare for success in kindergarten and in life.  The three programs are:

  • YWCA’s Heigh Ho Preschool provides curriculum that enhance the children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.  Promotion of a positive self-image is also addressed as each child is prepared for success in kindergarten.
  • YWCA’s Heigh Ho Day Care provides supervision for children ages 2 through 5, Monday through Friday.  Hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The children are provided with stimulating activities in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • YWCA’s Off-track and After-School program provides assistance with homework, offers recreational activities, arts, crafts, computer training and leadership training (with emphasis on elimination of racism and economic advancement for young girls) for children ages 5 through 10.

Our Child Care Program Director, Shealia K. Carvin, has 20 years of proven success in the child development arena and has been with us since June, 2005.  Under Shealia’s guidance, significant and positive changes have taken place at the Preschool.  We now have a fully qualified staff, a well defined activity center and a state approved curriculum. Because of the dedication and hard work of Shelia and her staff, we are now able to offer each child a clean, safe and stimulating environment.  

For information about the YWCA’s Heigh Ho Preschool programs, or how to sponsor an underprivileged child for $50 per month, please contact Sylvia Cagle at 909-889-9536 or

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