Northeast Regional Council
YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Feminist and Anti-Racist
The YWCA Northeast Region envisions a society free of racism and sexism and refuses to accept the social inequalities that result from racism and sexism in our communities.

As an anti-racist feminist organization, we believe that:

  • Racism and sexism are purposefully constructed and need to be purposefully deconstructed;
  • Racism and sexism exist at an individual and institutional level;
  • Racism maintains a society based on white power and privilege; 
  • Sexism perpetuates a society based on male power and privilege; 
  •  Sexism eliminates a woman’s right to self-determination - to have choices concerning her health and sexuality, economic status and personal freedom; 
  •  Sexism negatively affect women and girls of all ethnicities.
Local associations work to eliminate racism, to empower women, and to meet community needs through program, services, and advocacy. Hallmark programs and activities in racial justice and women's economic advancement are cornerstones. Collectively, YWCAs in the Northeast Region address multiple issues of special concern to women and girls including:
  • Anti-violence and violence prevention
  • Child care and youth development
  • Economic advancement
  • Health and fitness
  • Housing/shelter and support services
  • Leadership development
  • Racial justice

Over 110,000 people engage in Northeast Regional programs and activities in 300+ sites each year.

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