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a tradition of housing women and their families

ywca interfaith hospitality network

The typical family is a single mother, age 31- 45, with two young children under the age of 12.

Approximately 20% of families in crisis include at least one adult who is working full-time.

All families in transition are seeking help with stabilizing their lives and the lives of their children.

The YWCA Interfaith Hospitality Network provides 24-hour services and crisis housing for families in transition, and partners with the community to advocate the end of homelessness.

FACT: Since 1994, IHN has served the needs of homeless children and their families.
FACT: More than 100 congregations support IHN through contributions, hosting families, providing meals and volunteering their services.
FACT: IHN provides services to more than 1,300 children and their families each year.
FACT: IHN provides 24-hour access to ensure that no child will have to sleep on the street for even a single night.
FACT: This volunteer-based program was created as a temporary measure, not an optimal, long-term solution.

ywca family center

a solution to stabilizing families in crisis

FACT: One-third of the central Ohio homeless population is women and/or children.

The most common reasons for housing crisis are:

  • Loss of job or decrease in income
  • Change in family relationships
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Medical or financial crisis
FACT: Typical income for a homeless family is $512 per month.
FACT: Last year, the YWCA provided emergency housing to 650 families, including 1400 children.


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