Hadassah Magazine needs your help. Though we are proud of the award-winning magazine we deliver to our readers, we face the same financial forces that have spelled the demise of many great magazines and newspapers.

So we are turning to our readers for help in sustaining the magazine and maintaining its quality—in our print and Web editions. We urge all of you to join this effort.

We are launching The Hadassah Magazine Circle, made up of readers who make financial contributions to the magazine. Members of the circle will be recognized annually—in the magazine's print edition and on the Web site. Because Hadassah is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, all contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. While Hadassah intends to respect your wishes regarding this gift, in accordance with U.S. tax law requirements regarding deductibility of contributions, Hadassah shall have full dominion, control and discretion over this gift.

Please help us maintain Hadassah Magazine as a clear and persuasive voice for Hadassah's work, Israel's future and the strength of the Jewish people.

Donate now below, or you may also mail a contribution (please make it payable to Hadassah) to:

The Hadassah Magazine Circle
40 Wall Street
PO Box 1100
New York, NY 10005

To read Hadassah's charitable solicitation disclosure, please click here.



Donation Levels 
    Patrons: $5,000 and up 
    Sponsors: $1,000 and up 
    Supporters: $100 and up 
    Contributors: $18 and up 
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