Save Eagle Bluff

As of August 2014, we are thrilled to announce the completion of the initial fundraising phase for Eagle Bluff! In just six months, climbers and conservationists from New England and beyond have raised over $97,000. Clifton Climbers Alliance (CCA) and the Access Fund have additional grant applications pending to fully fund the acquisition and stewardship of Eagle Bluff for generations to come. The Access Fund would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who generously opened their wallets to save Eagle Bluff!

In February 2014, the Access Fund secured an Option Agreement to purchase Eagle Bluff in Clifton, Maine to re-open this incredible area and save it for permanent conservation. Access Fund has assigned the Option Agreement to CCA, which is set to purchase Eagle Bluff in late August. An Access Fund Land Conservation Campaign loan will bridge the gap between available donations and pending grant awards. Stay tuned for a final announcement and view for updates.

See the detailed project budget or learn more about the project.


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