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Electronic Gift Form

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First Name*:
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Specify purpose and amount of gift:

In the boxes below, please indicate percentage(%) and purpose of your gift. You may divide your gift among various purposes; simply indicate each percentage(%) and check off each purpose below.

Purpose of Gift* At least one purpose must be selected.
Abbas Alizadeh Research  %
Afghanistan  %
Annual Fund  %
Annual Gala Dinner  %
Assyrian Dictionary  %
Braidwood Prehistoric Project  %
Cadir Höyük  %
Catherine Duenas Transportation Scholarship Fund  %
Chris Woods Research  %
Clemens Reichel Research  %
Computer Lab  %
David Schloen Research  %
Dead Sea Scrolls  %
Demotic Dictionary  %
Dennis Pardee Research  %
Diyala Project  %
Don Whitcomb Research  %
Epigraphic Survey Publications  %
Epigraphic Survey/Chicago House  %
Galilee Prehistory Project: Marj Rabba  %
Gil J. Stein Research  %
Hamoukar Excavation  %
Hittite Dicitonary  %
Iraq Museum Database Project  %
James Henry Breasted Society  %
Jan Johnson Reearch  %
Jericho Mafjar  %
Kerkenes Dag Excavation  %
McGuire Gibson Research  %
Membership  %
Museum  %
Museum Conservation  %
Museum Education  %
Museum Special Exhibits  %
Nadine Moeller Research  %
Persepolis Fortification Archive Project  %
Petra Geodegebuure Research  %
Post Doc Conference  %
Publications  %
Ray Johnson Research  %
Rebecca Hasselbach Research  %
Research Archives Library  %
Research Endowment Campaign - Ancient Languages  %
Research Endowment Campaign - Fieldwork  %
Research Endowment Campaign - Museum  %
Research Endownment Campaign - Research Archives  %
Research Endowment Campaign - Technology  %
Robert Ritner Research  %
Scott Branting Research  %
Seth Richardson Research  %
Syriac Manuscript  %
Tell Edfu Excavation  %
Tell Kurdu Excavation  %
Tell Zeidan Excavation  %
Theo van den Hout Research  %
Volunteers/Docents  %
Walter Farber Research  %
Yorke Rowan Research  %
Zincirli Excavation  %
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Special Instructions:

   Check here if this is a pledge payment
    I wish to make this gift anonymously. By selecting this option, your name will not be published on any donor honor roll.
   I/we wish to exclude my/our name from all donor recognition publications.
  I would like to make this gift jointly with another person. Please tell us about this person:
Full Name:
Relationship to You:
Company Matching: Click here to find out if your company will match your gift. If so, please be sure to mail the company's matching gift form to:

Matching Gifts Coordinator
Development Office
Oriental Institute
1155 E. 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Home > Get Involved > How to Give