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Investigate God’s “crime scene” for yourself…

Concerned about life and truth and how they interrelate? Realize that life and truth are under attack today by secularists who deem God to be a mythological character? If like most thinking Christians, you want to be not only a faithful witness but also a fruitful one, then I’ve got a remarkable new apologetics tool for you: J. Warner Wallace’s book, God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for a Divinely Created Universe.

Yes, Hank! When it comes to engaging agnostics, atheists, and growing numbers of militant secularists, I want to be prepared! Please send me a copy of God’s Crime Scene. Here is my gift to help equip Christians to stand faithfully and fruitfully for Jesus Christ and biblical truth.

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Hank: I prefer to stand with you by becoming a member of the CRI Support Team. I understand that by standing with CRI monthly and making my monthly gifts electronically, I’ll receive a personalized copy of one of Hank's books.

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