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For your gift to the Christian Research Institute, receive The Third Day by Hank Hanegraaff.

In this book, Hank examines the claims of Resurrection-deniers, from Jehovahís Witnesses to the Jesus Seminar ó the imaginative stories designed to demonstrate that the Resurrection is a crutch for weak-minded Christians. Then, he presents an in-depth analysis of the facts surrounding the Resurrection, facts clear and logical enough to convince any unbiased mind.

Our goal is that by the time you finish reading, youíll not only be able to answer the worldís attacks with knowledge and precision, youíll also deepen your own sense of wonder and gratitude as you meditate on the Resurrection.

Itís crucial for you and every Christian to be able to defend the Resurrection because only the Resurrection gives meaning to our baptism and the Lordís Table ó itís the foundation for your prayers, your praises, and your proclamation of Godís love. In fact, if Christ was not raised from the dead, nothing else matters. As Paul says, without the Resurrection we are still in our sins and have no hope of heaven. Thatís what Resurrection-deniers want to take away from you.

PLEASE NOTE -- Personalization Option: For your gift of $100 or more to the Christian Research Institute, receive a personalized copy of The Third Day. If you wish to request a personalized copy of The Third Day, please click here to be directed to the optional personalization donation form.

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