Dear Friend,
Do you remember the stories from your mothers or grandmothers about going around with that Jewish National Fund (JNF) Blue Box to collect money to plant trees in Israel? It was their way, our way, to build the land of Israel for the Jewish people everywhere.


It is still a great learning experience for teaching tzedakah, our responsibility of caring for one another. One of the great celebrations of our year is the holiday of Tu B'Shevat.

It is said that planting a tree is for the generations that follow us. The tree will grow branches and will give shade to children, help with watershed management, flood control, beautify a nation and allow us to be part of the environmental movement. Planting a tree is a Jewish experience. Planting a tree is a Hadassah Jewish National Fund necessity and responsibility.

In 2011, the Hadassah National Board decided to focus our efforts for JNF on their critical "Blueprint Negev" project. JNF has been revitalizing the City of Be'ersheva – the Gateway to the Negev – through the River Park Project. This major restoration project includes a 15 mile river, a 22 acre lake, a 12,500 seat amphitheater, a world class Visitors Center, and so much more. Over 5,000 trees have already been planted in the Hadassah Forest in memory of the victims of the Newtown Massacre that occurred in December, 2012. Hadassah has chosen to renew our involvement in this innovative, forward-thinking project.

Our forest will include parks and recreation areas, and will be enjoyed by all of the citizens of Israel. We are proud to participate in this special JNF Blueprint Negev Initiative. In the spirit of Tu B'Shevat, we are asking you, as a Hadassah member or Associate, together with your friends, to plant trees to fill the Hadassah Forest. Plant in honor or in memory of someone. Or help fulfill the mitzvah of planting trees for future generations by planting a tree in your own name, or the names of your children. How can you plant trees? Remit your funds directly to your chapter's JNF chair, or donate below. Individual trees are $18. Multiple trees are available at discount prices, which are noted on the website. This year, let us continue our connection to the land, which began with Abraham, through the establishment of the State of Israel, to today and for the next thousand years.
With warm wishes for a happy and peaceful 2014.

Deborah B. Kaplan
National Hadassah/JNF Chair

Miriam K. Aron
National Hadassah/JNF Co-Chair

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One tree is planted for every $18 you donate

Donors are encouraged to read Hadassah's Charitable Solicitation Disclosure Statement

1 tree: $18
3 trees: $36
5 trees: $72
10 trees (Circle of Trees): $144
Garden of Trees: $500
Grove of Trees: $5000

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