The City of Chicago, incorporated in 1837, has long held the motto Urbs in Horto – translated from Latin as “City in a Garden.” The Urbs in Horto Fund, administered by the Chicago Community Trust, seeks to restore the vision of a verdant city, as suggested by Chicago’s historic motto. This fund provides grants to non-profit charitable organizations and local government agencies to replace, add and maintain trees in order to enhance the streets, boulevards, parks, gardens, and open spaces of Chicago. Grants may also be used to educate the general public about the benefits of expanding and maintaining a healthy urban forest. The Urbs in Horto restricted-civic fund was established in 1989, in conjunction with the Tree Program Fund. While both funds have identical goals, 75% of the money received goes directly into grants for approved projects (the Tree Program Fund), while 25% remains in a permanent endowment (the Urbs in Horto Fund). Grants may be awarded at anytime throughout the year, and for any amount based on proven need and the discretion of the grant oversight committee. All gifts are tax-deductible to current extent of the law.
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