Evanston/North Shore

Alternatives to Violence

The mission of the YWCA Evanston/North Shore Alternatives to Violence program is to aid in the elimination of domestic violence by providing services to batterers, to hold them accountable, promote safety and justice for victims and children, and to bring about social change necessary to end battering and all forms of domestic violence.

We know that we will not end domestic violence unless we provide a coordinated community response and a comprehensive approach that addresses both the needs of survivors and the root causes of abuse.

Alternatives to Violence is open to all men, including those referred by the Courts and those who voluntarily enroll. Men who engage in abusive behavior can and do change if they are committed and willing to devote the necessary time and energy to learn and grow. 

YWCA Evanston/North Shore believes that through accountability and responsibility, and learning alternatives to violence, the cycle of violence can be broken.

Program goals

Alternatives to Violence is a 26-week program providing men with the opportunity and skills to change the behavior, beliefs, and attitudes that support their use of violence against intimate partners. We accept self and court-referrals and are approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services for the provision of court mandated services.
  • Increasing the safety of survivors of domestic violence by assisting abusers in developing the skills and knowledge to make healthier choices
  • Holding abusers accountable for their behavior
  • Educating abusers about relationship dynamics including the cycle of abuse and power and control
  • Equipping abusers with conflict resolution skills so they have alternatives to violence
Curriculum content addresses issues of :
  • Accountability
  • Power and control
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Cycle of abuse
  • Responding to conflict
  • Living in a culture of violence
Steps to enrollment:
  • Call 224-420-3266 and leave a message on our dedicated voicemail.
  • Meet with group facilitator for participant evaluation
  • Upon acceptance, attend group sessions

Fees are $100 for the initial evaluation, plus $25 per class. Sliding scale available. Pay fee online here.

Classes are held in South Evanston, within walking distance of the Metra and CTA trains and buses.

For more information, call 224-420-3266. Download a copy of our Alternatives to Violence brochure.


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