Evanston/North Shore

Community Based Services

In 2015, over 100 women and their children living in their homes received community counseling services and assistance in developing safety plans.

YWCA offers community counseling services on both an individual and group basis for non-residential clients in a handicapped accessible facility. While these clients have not yet left their abusive homes, the goals of this service are both to help them begin to address the violence in their lives and develop an emergency plan. A bilingual coordinator manages this program to reach a growing population of Spanish-speaking clients. With so many struggling with issues of violence in their homes, YWCA is committed to initiatives that provide education, options, and resources that enable all survivors to realize lives free from violence for themselves and their children.

For more information about our community-based services, contact one of our counselors at 877-718-1868.


Orientación y Apoyo También proveemos servicios de violencia doméstica para miembras de la comunidad quienes no necesitan albergue. Designado para apoyar a mujeres en relaciones abusivas, este programa les ayuda a confrontar la violencia en sus vidas y desarrollar un plan de seguridad para ellas y sus niños. Una coordinadora bilingüe esta disponible para proveer servicios de conserjería en español. Para tener acceso a estos servicios, llame al 877-718-1868.


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