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Basic Money Management


Our Women's Economic Empowerment Programs are about providing women with the financial information and tools they need in order to provide for themselves and their children, as well as helping women make informed financial decisions. We offer:

Basic Money Management

Basic Money Management is a financial literacy program designed to strengthen the money management skills of low- to moderate-income women by providing tools to help with budgeting, credit and debt issues. Participants will gain an understanding of the key components of successful money management and will be provided with useful financial resources and opportunities. This education is geared to the diverse needs of women across the life cycle. The course consists of the following comprehensive topics:

1. Developing a Spending Plan: Financial goal setting, developing a budget/spending plan, and savings strategies
2. Managing Credit and Debt: Understanding your credit report and improving your credit score
3. Building A Secure Financial Future: Banking opportunities, savings options, and avoiding predatory practices

Participants must commit to complete the entire course consisting of 2 (two hour) modules, which generally occur from 6:00-8:00 pm for two consecutive evenings at YWCA. Free childcare and transportation vouchers are available.

Basic Money Management classes are available in both English and Spanish at YWCA.

Register Contact Financial Education Specialist Fabiola Alfonso or call 847-864-8445 for further information.

It's Your Money: Topic Specific Workshops

One hour topic specific workshops are offered at YWCA and at partner agencies and are customized to meet the unique needs of the women they serve, from teenage girls through retirees. Topics include:

  • protecting yourself from identity theft
  • avoiding predatory lending practices
  • developing a budget and spending plan
  • improving your credit score

Providing women with the financial information and tools they need in order to provide for themselves and their children, as well as helping women make informed financial decisions is what our Women's Economic Empowerment Programs are all about. For more information, email Financial Education Specialist Fabiola Alfonso or call 847-864-8445.

The Advancement Project

Low- to moderate-income women who have completed our Basic Money Management Course and created a financial plan can apply to be matched with a financial coach to support them as they develop goals to follow the plan. Learn more about The Advancement Project here, or consider volunteering as a financial coach.

Free Budget and Credit Counseling

We have partnered with Green Path Financial Wellness to offer free budget and credit counseling at YWCA Evanston/North Shore. Learn about your goals and begin to put together a sound financial plan using this free non-profit service. Green Path is HUD certified and will also provide free housing counseling. Green Path will have office hours on Fridays at YWCA. Call 855-400-3714 to learn more or to make an appointment.

Basic Money Management Resources

  1. www.annualcreditreport.com: Free credit report from the 3 bureaus once a year; it does not provide a credit score.
  2. www.ftc.gov: Federal Trade Commission site. Useful information about collection rights, fraud, credit reports.
  3. www.bankrate.com: Very comprehensive website that includes all financial matters. To note: loans, mortgages, saving mechanisms, calculators, credit card options, investment vehicles, retirement calculators, etc. Does not require any personal information, therefore very safe! No BBB accreditation.
  4. www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft: Federal Trade Commission's identity theft information site.
  5. www.consumerfinance.gov: government site, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), to make information about consumer financial products and services available to all Americans. Tips for choosing banks, accounts, getting assistance, etc.




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