Evanston/North Shore

In Kind Donations

YWCA accepts gifts in-kind, such as supplies for Mary Lou's Place (our domestic violence shelter for women and their children), computer equipment and office supplies.

In-kind donations to Mary Lou's Place, our domestic violence shelter 

Mary Lou’s Place is fortunate to be the recipient of many generous in-kind gifts, and we are always grateful for donations of the items listed below. Please note that there are items we cannot accept and BEFORE YOU BRING ANY ITEMS INTO OUR OFFICES FOR DONATION, contact Trimmy Stamell at 847-864-8445, ext. 121.

Due to a lack of manpower and storage space, we will only accept in-kind donations on the following days/times: Monday 7AM - 1PM and Saturday 9AM - 4PM

Used clothing may be dropped off at the drop box in our parking lot or at one of the other YWCA drop boxes in the area.


Personal items:

  • full-sized toiletries (Hair and Skin products designed for African American women)
  • sanitary napkins, tampons and adult diapers
  • new sweatshirts and sweatpants for women (all sizes, S-XXXL)
  • new socks for women and children
  • new or very gently used infant clothing
  • disposable diapers (especially larger sizes) 
  • baby wipes
  • unopened over the counter medications for adults and children

household items:

  • towels & washcloths, new or gently used
  • twin-sized bedding, new or gently used
  • acrylic or plastic drinking glasses (non-disposable)
  • laundry detergent
  • dishwashing liquid
  • napkins, paper towels plastic plates, bowls
  • facial tuissue
  • cleaning supplies, bleach, disinfectant
  • alarm clocks with batteries  
  • batteries
Gift cards and Ventra passes:
  • Gift Cards to Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or Jewel
  • Ventra passes –transportation assistance for clients looking for housing, going on job interviews, seeking day care, pursuing legal issues, etc.

We cannot accept every donation. Upon occasion, it might be necessary for our staff to help you redirect your donation to other organizations where it can be put to better use.

We cannot accept the following items: 

used clothing

YWCA Evanston/North Shore does not have the space or manpower to process and store donations of used clothing. We ask that donations of used clothing be made in one of the following two ways:

YWCA drop box just outside the entrance to our administrative offices at 1215 Church Street in Evanston. Proceeds from the sale of clothing left in local YWCA drop boxes help support our domestic violence services program.

If you would like your clothing donation to more directly benefit the families we serve, please donate it to the Junior League Thrift House at 920 Chicago Avenue in Evanston. Women staying at Mary Lou's Place are issued vouchers that may be used to shop at the Thrift House. Children's Clothing can be donated to Evanston Children's Clothing Association (ESCCA). Drop boxes are located on the west side of the District 65 administrative Building at 1500 McDaniel in Evanston.

used toys and stuffed animals

Through community organized toy drives and private donations, we are fortunate to be able to provide the children at Mary Lou’s Place with new toys. The dust and allergens carried in used stuffed animals pose a health risk to an allergic child.

home baked goods and home made meals

Health codes dictate that the shelter can not accept home made food of any kind.


Rooms at Mary Lou’s Place are each "adopted" by a community group or family that sees to its refurbishment and upkeep for a two year period. We do not therefore have an ongoing need for furniture nor do we have the capability of storing this type of donation.

sample size toiletries

The families that stay at Mary Lou’s Place do so for up to 90 days, so sample sized toiletries do not meet their needs. We ask that donated toiletries be full size.

Again, we are deeply grateful for the generosity of our donors, even if we occasionally have to say "no thank you". We appreciate your understanding.


Other organizations able to receive your donations:

Junior League Thrift House
920 Chicago Ave.
Evanston, IL
Open M-F 11-5 pm; Sat 10-5 pm
Will accept used clothing, toys, small house wares and small furniture. All donations must be in working, clean, "saleable" condition.
The Salvation Army
To arrange a pick-up of larger items, call before 4 pm, M-F
773-477-1301, 773-477-1302

Donaciones: Usualmente, mujeres y niño/as llegan a nuestro albergue con solo la ropa que tienen puesta. Llame a nuestra Coordinadora de Voluntarios al 847-864-8445.

For more information about donating items on our Wish Lists, please contact Trimmy Stamell, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, at 847-864-8445.

If you have something you would like to donate, please contact Trimmy Stamell at YWCA Evanston/North Shore at 847-864-8445 ext 121. Patty will be able to offer direction on what needs are greatest at any given time.


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