Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

This might be the best thing the State of Arizona does.

The Arizona Tax Credit program allows you to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit  on your Arizona state income taxes when you give to the YWCA of Southern Arizona, even if you’re already receiving a tax credit for a gift to a public or private school. Arizona allows you to take three types of tax credits, including one for organizations like the YWCA who serve the working poor. Through this tax credit program, money you would otherwise pay in taxes will benefit your neighbors right here in Southern Arizona, instead.


Click here to see how your donation will make a difference for women and their families in Southern Arizona.


Here's how the Tax Credit works:

  • Make a donation to an organization that serves the working poor, like the YWCA Tucson
  • You do NOT need to itemize your taxes to receive this tax credit
  • If you're filing as an individual you may be eligible for up to $400 - that means if you give $400, you get $400 off your tax bill - couples may be eligible for a credit up to $800
  • Prepare your taxes and complete AZ Form 321 

That's it! Scroll down to make your gift today. Thank you!


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