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Dear Friend,

Home. For most of us, it’s a place of trust and security. Full of warmth. Full of love.

As one of our biggest supporters, I know you understand that some homes just aren’t quite whole without a four-legged friend (or two!). They bring us comfort and companionship and, quite frankly, they make home, well … home. And, that’s how it is at my house  our dog, Lucky, undoubtedly makes our home more complete.

This reminds me of our Animal Friends for Life program and something one of our clients, John, once told us about his dogs, “No matter where I am, when I look at them … I’m home.”

Let me tell you a little more about John and his dogs Belle and Ike …

Earlier this year, our team was canvassing a neighborhood north of the city when they met John.

By his side were his happy-go-lucky dogs Belle and Ike. They were out on one of their daily walks. We learned that John has severe arthritis. Despite not being able to afford the medication to take away his excruciating pain, his daily walks with his beloved dogs were a top priority.

It was plain to see that John is Belle and Ike’s whole world – and they are his.

But, there’s one thing about John that may surprise you …

John is homeless.

And, his story reminds us that any one of us could easily be in John’s situation. A few months before we met him, John was working for a tech company. But the company went under … and John was without a job. As we all know, once bad luck hits it often snowballs. Next, his basement flooded. Unable to pay for repairs on top of his mortgage payment, he lost his house … then his wife left.

Soon, John found himself living in his car. Without a consistent source of food, he shared what little he could find with his Belle and Ike. He was struggling but he refused to give them up.

They were his reasons to keep going. They were his purpose. Without them, we can’t say for sure what would’ve happened to John. But, we do know that it wasn’t by chance that we met him that day on the sidewalk.

We were able to provide him with his most immediate needs – pet food, harnesses, leashes, flea and tick treatment and vaccinations. We also guided him to our partner food pantry in his area so he could fill his own plate – along with Belle and Ike’s bowls.

And soon, that giant snowball started rolling in the other direction. John has since moved out of his car and with the help of a friend into temporary housing. He’s started performing odd jobs and now can afford his arthritis medicine – things are starting to look up.

We still keep in touch with John, but we know he’s on the right path. Now we turn our focus to the many others like John who are struggling and still need our help.

At Animal Friends, we’re proud to provide the safety nets that the struggling pet owners of our region so desperately need.

Through low-cost clinics we’re able to provide pets the basic wellness care to keep them compliant with the law and to prevent life-threatening diseases. Our Chow Wagon program is stocking the shelves of our food pantry partners with nutritious pet food so owners and their pets alike can maintain healthy diets. We’re providing education and resources to community members with nowhere else to turn.

We know no one chooses to face job loss, eviction or homelessness. Bad things can happen to the best of people … and their pets. And that’s why at Animal Friends we know we need to step in and help. But we need your help to ensure that more animals remain in their homes where they’re needed – and loved.

And, there is no better time than right now to give. Thanks to a very generous donor, your gift of any size will be matched 50 cents on the dollar – up to $100,000 – now through the end of the year.

We know there truly is no place like home. So, please give today – and you can ensure more pets remain in their homes where they belong.

In appreciation,
David J. Swisher
President & Chief Executive Officer
Animal Friends

PS – For the 10th consecutive year, Animal Friends been awarded a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator. You can be sure Animal Friends is making the best, most responsible use of your gift.


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    $25 could sponsor a spay/neuter surgery. 
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