Dear Friend,

We’ve been so blessed by the many pets who have been part of our family over the years. They’ve brought us joy, companionship and plenty of laughter.

But it was two malnourished cats saved from a miserable life with 15 others that made us realize just how uncertain – and fragile – life can be.

These two cats – Kiefer and Jack – had just been rescued by Animal Friends from a hoarding situation and were in desperate need of a foster home. So, of course, we opened our hearts and home to them.

But before they could even settle in, they got severely ill – a direct result of years of neglect and lack of veterinary care.

We got them back to Animal Friends just in time. And, after weeks of careful treatment and rehabilitation, we were able to bring them back home. This time … permanently.

Something very visceral happens when the life of an animal – or two – is in your hands. You would do anything to ensure they pulled through. And, with Animal Friends’ help, they did.

We will always be grateful for all that Animal Friends did for our Kiefer and Jack. Because, quite simply, we can’t imagine our lives without them.

We know as animal lovers, you understand.

Which is why we are hoping you will join us for a very special Challenge.

In honor of Kiefer and Jack – and in gratitude to Animal Friends for saving them – we will match any gift 50 cents on the dollar up to $100,000, through Sept. 16, to ensure many more animals get the same lifesaving treatment as Kiefer and Jack received.

We believe it’s the very least we can do for these animals that add so much to our lives.

Please join us and give generously.


Warmest regards,

Stefania and Jeffrey Romoff 



Donation Levels 
    $2,500 may fund up to 100 spay or neuter surgeries. 
    $1,000 could feed and shelter 40 animals for one day. 
    $750 may provide lifesaving emergency medical care for an animal. 
    $500 could admit two animals in crisis. 
    $250 may provide a basic exam, vaccines and flea treatment for one of our residents. 
    $100 could support the rescue of animals in animals in a hoarding situation by our Humane Police Officers. 
    $50 may provide pet food to a family in need through our Chow Wagon Pet Food Bank. 
    $25 could provide fun and exciting enrichment games for our dogs, cats and rabbits. 
    Other - Because every dollar makes a difference in the lives of our region's homeless pets! 
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Kiefer and Jack Challenge

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