Abandoned. Neglected. Mistreated. Tragically, these terms often describe what some of our animals have endured before coming to Animal Friends. We can’t begin to imagine what they’ve seen … or been subjected to. But one thing’s for certain, as soon as our Humane Police Officers step in, these animals are immediately blanketed by safety, legal protection and a whole lot of love.

Animal Friends makes a commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of thousands of pets each year through our Humane Investigations Department. But the truth is, there are still too many pets who need our help.

It’s through your generosity that more lives can be saved from heartless people and cruel situations. And, there is no better time to give! Following in the footsteps of long-time animal lover Imogene M. Shelly, every dollar you give now through September 24 will be matched with 50 cents, up to $100,000.

Please give generously so we can continue to be their second chance. 

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Second Chance Challenge

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