Steps to Success

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What is Steps to Success?
Steps to Success is a community-based case management program that provides long-term support to individuals or families that have been affected by domestic violence. Case Managers are available to assist you and your family as you make decisions about your future. The program’s goal is to provide you with help and support with goal-setting, which will allow you to become economically, emotionally, and physically healthy. 

All Steps to Success services are free and confidential.

Services Provided
Steps to Success is about restarting your life after abuse. Whether you need to move or make new friends - your Steps to Success case manager is there to help you with whatever you need to move on.

Information provided to you may include, but may not be limited to:
Personal Safety Plan
• Domestic Violence Education
• Effects of Domestic Violence on Victims and Children
• Characteristics of an Abuser
• Recognizing Healthy Relationships
• Housing Information
• Life Skills Training (employment, education, budgeting, parenting, etc.)
• Developing Support Systems
• Self-Care, Self-Esteem, and Assertiveness Skills
• Coordination of services with other agencies


In order to enter the Steps to Success program, you must first fulfill the following application requirements:

• Must be 18 years old, or have legal emancipation.
• Males and females, with or without children, are accepted.
• Must be willing and able to work with case management to pursue personal goals and overcome issues
related to domestic violence.
• Must be a survivor of domestic violence with no attachment to abuser. (i.e., Abuser is incarcerated,
deceased, remarried, living in another state, seeing someone else, etc.)


One of the major benefits of Steps to Success, is that your case manager comes to you! Services continue for a period of two years, over which time you will meet with your case manager in your own home, while observing the following schedule of home visits:

• Weekly for the first three months
• Every two weeks for one year
• Every three weeks for six months
• Monthly for the last three months
• Other appointments as needed

The purpose of this schedule (and the Steps to Success program as a whole) is to help you achieve long-term self- sufficiency at the end of the two year period. Once this level of self-sufficiency has been achieved, you will partake in a graduation ceremony celebrating the accomplishment with your family and YWCA staff.


For more information on Steps to Success, please contact Jennifer Rohlf at, or 260-424-4908 ext. 235. or fill out a Steps to Success Application Form: PDF format (print, fax, mail, or email), or Online Form.

Not sure if you are experiencing domestic or dating violence?
Check out our Domestic Violence Brochure for a quiz to see if you have reason to be concerned.