2016 - 100 Good Men Nominees

Rich Beckman, nominated by Debby Beckman

Rich is a supportive husband and dedicated father. He raised strong children who are now raising their own children. He delights in being a grandfather and sometimes enjoys the play more than the children do.

Tom Hansen, nominated by Nancy Hansen 

In honor of Tom’s 38 years as an ordained clergy person

Rich Troyer, nominated by Mary Etheart

Rich is a volunteer at Hope House and he organized his church to provide Holiday gifts for all the women and their children.

Kris Gordon, nominated by Rachel Rayburn

Kris is a humble business owner. Kris always goes above and beyond, much of the time quietly making sure they are treated the most fairly and nicely as possible.

Stephen R. Gregg, nominated by Dr. Karen M. Gregg

I would like to nominate my husband, Stephen R. Gregg as one of the YWCA's 100 Good Men. He is a good man in many ways and for many reasons, but I will only highlight a few. He is a retired Fire fighter from the Mishawaka Fire Department, where he worked for 33 years fighting fires, teaching fire safety to children, and investigating fires. The entire time he was on the force, he also worked a second job so that he could provide for his family. Even now, after retirement he supplements our income working part-time to help make ends meet. When I met him, I was a single mother with three little children. Not only did he fall in love with me, he fell in love with my children. This is something few men would have done. He is a husband, a father, a step-father, and also an excellent grand-father to three little girls! In these roles he always puts others first! These are the reasons I believe Stephen R. Gregg should be recognized as one of this year's 100 Good Men!

Denny Nusbaum, nominated by Debby Beckman

Denny is a terrific brother, son, husband and father. He has raised two delightful, successful children who will make their marks in the world. 

Nick Rohlf, nominated by Jennifer Rohlf

Nick supports women’s equality, engaged others in conversations about wage gap. Overall just a great guy.

Caleb Pozorski, nominated by Kaitlyn Pozorski

Caleb is a great husband and father. He is supportive, trustworthy, caring, thoughtful and always puts others before himself.

Marc Levy, nominated by Jenni Showalter

I have known Marc since the early 1990's when he came to United Way of Allen County as the President and CEO. He was one of the people who taught me the ins and outs of the not-for-profit world and specifically the ins and outs of United Way. Marc is very passionate about our community, our people, and helping to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to make a life for themselves and their families. He was instrumental in bringing the Task Force to Undo Racism to our United Way and was so passionate about the endeavor that we won a national award for our work and our volunteers' work in educating our community on racism, cultural awareness, helping to develop minorities in becoming good board members, and helping other not-for-profits to keep inclusion at the top of their minds in their own organizations. I credit much of what I know today to Marc's mentoring which gave me the opportunity to be a CEO of a not-for-profit. He holds people accountable, he holds the truth in the highest regard, and he never wavers in his commitment to a healthy community, diversity and inclusion. Marc walks the talk and is definitely a good man.

Steven Lalevich, nominated by Evan Hyndman

Steven is the classic example of what a good man is.

Josh Otis, nominated by Evan Hyndman

Josh always goes out of his way for others and sets a good example.

Lewis Fuller, nominated by Evan Hyndman

Lewis is a great guy and great police officer.

Tim Chapman, nominated by Evan Hyndman

Tim is a family first man and a supportive friend

Jerry Stephens, nominated by Kasi Maple and her sister Shannon          

My sister Shannon and I would like to nominate our dad, Jerry Stephens. He has always made us his priority and been there for us through thick and then. He has had several health issues over the past few years, but he still remains active and is willing to help whenever he is asked. He has been a rock through some very difficult challenges our family faced together this year. Dad’s relationship to his two daughters was vital because we were taught to be strong women, self-sufficient, and have self-respect. He never faltered in his love for his family. The best gift he gave: he believed in us.

Steve Gerber, nominated by Alicia Hill 

I am personally nominating Steve Gerber as one of the 100 good man. He is the owner of Outdoor Concepts, Inc. in Bluffton, IN. Outdoor Concepts is a family owned Lawn & Garden Equipment and Service dealer. Steve has a heart for helping young men turn their lives around. He has a heart for families. Steve Gerber is the Chairman of the Board for our BrickHouse Family Ministries. A ministry for healing and restoration for at- risk teens boys age 13 - 17 and their families. Steve goes above and beyond to assist as our Chairman, to speak into the life of a residential teen, to offer wisdom, wise counsel and support. He works side-by-side with our young men to encourage them to take a different path in life. As a busy business owner, he never is too busy to stop what he is doing to come and assist a teen and/or family in need. Our ministry is very thankful for his assistance to help young teen boys by being a Godly male influence in their life. He is one of the good ones. Thank you, Steve!

David Kirk, nominated by Debby Beckman            

David provides strong leadership as the president of the Board of Directors of the Positive Resource Connection (formerly AIDS Task Force). He leads by example and shares his passion for the important work of PRC.

Clyde Nusbaum (in memory), nominated by Debby Beckman

Dad taught me strong values and a work ethic that has guided me throughout my life and career.

Tom Felger, nominated by Alicia Hill

Tom Felger is the CEO of Felger/Hart, Inc., a commercial and industrial HVAC company in Bluffton, IN. Along with his responsibilities as CEO, Tom felt the calling to help at-risk teens turn their life around. In 2006, Tom co-founded a residential home and school in Wells County called BrickHouse Family Ministries, Inc., on a farm setting, to help young men between 13-17 develop spiritually, emotionally, physically and academically. The key distinction of the program is families must be involved. Tom devotes his spare time in mentoring both the teens and families in strong values to motivate them to change their life from destructive behaviors to being productive citizens. Tom Felger is a good man. He seen the young boy on a street corner who was struggling and he stepped up to assist him. I nominate Mr. Felger as he inspire others by how he lives his own life and how he encourages our teen residents to rebuild their lives and restore their family relationships so they also can be good men with good lives.

Juan Eden Navarro Carrillo, nominated by Nicki Meier

Juan is one of the most kind-hearted, nurturing, and positive people I have ever met. He is a facilitator at the Center for Nonviolence, working with men who have used violence in intimate relationships. He does this job with compassion and love, always showing respect to those he works with. In this work, Juan holds men in our community accountable for their actions while challenging racism and (heteros)sexism. Not only does he do this, but he stays positive and uplifts his coworkers. I regularly hear him honor people for their hard work and spirit. And he almost always has a smile on his face. It's hard to express how valuable his presence is in a space where we are constantly hearing stories of trauma. Having men like Juan in my life gives me confidence that the future of Fort Wayne is bright. It also gives me faith that collectively we can eradicate racism and (hetero)sexism. 

Keith L. Perry, nominated by Amy Perry

In honor of my loving husband, Keith "Lorenzo." He goes over and above for others. Whether our family or a friend in need, he is someone to count on. He is loyal, respectful, supportive, caring, loving, and dependable. A wonderful husband, brother, uncle, great father, and recently grandfather. His youngest son, who moved in with us last year, thinks the world of him. His son admires him and looks up to him for guidance. He is a great role model. He has also taken on the parent role to my daughter, and has been a great father figure for her. He has shown me a love I have never known before. He is my best friend, my soul mate, my everything. He is a hard worker, provider and protector. He works 7 days a week, 10-12 hour days to provide for his family. He has also served and protected our country in the Army. There just are not enough words that I can say about this great man. He does all he can for everyone, and never once complains. I am truly blessed to be his wife. For all that he does he deserves to be recognized as one of the YWCA's 100 Good Men.

Dave Nusbaum, nominated by Kathy Lytal

Dave enjoyed over 40 years as a local musician and coached high school percussion students in the second half of his career. Throughout his 25 years of writing, arranging, and teaching music, he made a difference in many lives. According to Dave, he simply “gave back”.

Dan Garman, nominated by Kathy Lytal

Dan serves as Parkview Health's Emergency Department and Pre-Hospital service line leader, routinely demonstrating his passion to improve health in our communities.

Tom Rhoades, nominated by Kathy Lytal

Tom serves as Parkview Health’s Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Tom leads a very talented team, committed to the safety of the people served in our communities.

Joe Coe, nominated by Alicia Hill 

Joe Coe is a good man. He is the Primary House Parent in a father's role for our residential home, BrickHouse Family Ministries, Inc. Joe, along with his wife Brenda, oversee at-risk teen boys ages 13-17 who need to be in home setting while going through treatment. He provides leadership by mentoring, instructing and giving Godly wisdom in life and work ethics. He also provides support in teaching our teens to work on a farm setting with livestock and farm chores. His wisdom and heart for sharing Godly advice comes through in all he does as he interacts daily with our teens and with our families. Joe represents a Godly husband, father and man to our teens especially to those young men who do not have a father figure in their life. It is an honor to work alongside Joe but more importantly, to nominate this humble man.

John Meyer, nominated by Denise Andorfer

John has been on the VV board for the last eight years. He is currently serving as board president for the agency and has been active on numerous committees. He and his family have actively volunteered at each of the shelters in the City.

Jim Tobolski, nominated by John Newbauer

Jim is a retired professor from IPFW and the father of three girls. He is a very patient and generous person who is willing to help whenever needed.

Bill Hoot, nominated by John Newbauer

Bill and his wife, Ginny, raised three daughters and a son and he contributes generously of his time, knowledge and resources to the communities of which he is a part.