A Day in the Life

A Brief Glimpse of What Life is Like as an American Minority

A Day in the Life is an eye-opening, hands-on experience for people from all backgrounds. It is a glimpse into the experiences of fictional characters, whose situations are based upon the real-life situations that minorities may deal with every day.

Participants are given roles outside of their real identities. With these roles come particular tasks that the participants will complete in the span of a 120 minute "month."

Throughout the simulation, a gap begins to develop between those who hold privilege and those who do not.  The participants will realize that they are treated differently because of their race/ethnicity. They see that their station in life, in many ways, has been created by things outside of their control. Tensions will rise, frustrations will emerge, relationships will change, and stress will take its toll.

"I never realized how much the deck was stacked in my favor."  - Participant

Businesses, universities, nonprofit agencies, and congregations can all benefit from attempting to navigate life in America as a racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, or language minority.

For more information, please contact Mary Jo Hardiman at MHardiman@ywcaerew.org or (260) 424-4908 ext. 260.