Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to YWCA Northeast Indiana!

You are finding us at a time of great transition for our organization. In the past couple of years we have added The Hope House addiction services to our family, moved all of our operations under one roof and I joined as the new CEO in August. I always think of times of transition as times for growth, a time to decide who we want to be in this next season of life. I’m excited about the opportunities before us, and the role I get to play in helping us get there.

We have a long history of meeting people where they are, being present in their time of crisis, and offering our help to move them to a safe place where healing from the hurts they have endured can start. Whether its victims of domestic violence, those struggling with addiction or victims of racism or discrimination; we are here to take a stand to end the cycles of injustice.

It’s tough work, starting the healing process. But that’s why we’re here. We believe that healing individuals and communities makes us all stronger. When healing moves to restoration and ultimately transformation we have succeeded in our task.

You’re visiting our website for a reason: whether that’s because you think you might need us, you want to help, or you know someone who needs our help; please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here for you. Check out our upcoming events. Review our volunteer opportunities. Visit us at 5920 Decatur Road.

Thank you for joining us online. Now take that next step and let us know who you are. 

Paula Hughes-Schuh
Chief Executive Officer
260.424.4908 x 230