United State of Women Summit

In June 2016, a delegation of 31 YWCA women from around the USA -- including local association leaders, national staff, and board members -- participated in the inaugural United State of Women Summit hosted by the White House in Washington, D.C. Delegates experienced a shared sense of inspiration, with several people saying that it was powerful to be there and described feeling revived by the energy and re-motivated to do the work that we do while also feeling a stronger connection with one another as YWCA leaders.

YWCA USA was integrally involved in the strategic planning of the event, having the opportunity to make suggestions related to the content and agenda of the event. Delegates attended panels and side events based on topics relevant to their local associations and communities.

Future related events are being planned, and we’ll share more information as it becomes available. USOW is considering regional summits, and if there’s an event or topic that you’re interested in being involved with, let us know so that we can help make the connections. YWCA is planning to stay engaged, and all local associations will have access to the network of participating organizations. You’ll have access to post activities on the USOW website so people interested in your issues can learn about your activities in your communities. Additionally, you can view posts on various social media outlets by following the hashtag #USOW.

Prior to the official White House events, YWCA USA hosted a reception for the participating delegates at the YWCA USA offices.

group photo