Young Women's Scholarships

Every year, the YWCA serves roughly 20,000 young women through leadership development programs and scholarships. Some awards are based on need; others on achievement and community service. All demonstrate the goals and ambition of the YWCA: seeking peace, justice, freedom, and liberty for all.
The YWCA is particularly proud of the many scholarships that memorialize the exemplary contributions of some of our long-time supporters. The YWCA is also pleased to partner with organizations supporting our many programs, and the aspirations of our young achievers. Listed below are examples of the YWCA’s scholarship awards.

  • YWCA Newburyport (Mass.) sponsors the Nancy DiGrezio Memorial Scholarship, in memory of former YWCA Board member and social justice advocate Nanacy DiGrezio. This scholarship is awarded annually to local high school students who stand out as leaders and peacemakers, and who by example encourage other students to challenge intolerance and discrimination. Examples of winning activism include “Women’s Justice
    Week,” a high school program helping students understand and confront sexism, and a “bonding” program introducing new students and bringing them instant connections.
  • YWCA Greater Cincinnati’s Mamie Earl Sells Scholarship Fund honors the memory and achievements of Mamie Earl Sells, who devoted herself to promoting YWCA programs that encourage young people to improve and expand their lives. The Mamie Earl Sells scholarship is awarded annually to an African-American female high school senior who is evaluated on academic achievement, personal challenges, extra-curricular
    activities and community service.
  • YWCA Greater Atlanta partners with American CyberSystems to give outstanding female high school graduates scholarships covering the cost of books and education expenses. Winners are participants in Greater Atlanta’s Teen Girls in Technology program, one of many successful YWCA STEM programs for teenage girls.
  • YWCA North Orange County (Calif.) is home to the Ruth Thurmond Scholarship which provides educational opportunities for women of all ages. One of this year’s recipients is a 32-year-old mother and grandmother who will be returning to school thanks to the support and generosity of the Thurmond Memorial Fund.