Financial Literacy Programs

Women’s empowerment is a part of the YWCA’s core mission, and financial literacy is an essential element for life-long independence, autonomy, and freedom. It’s hard to believe, but for every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 82 cents. Closing that gap is one of the YWCA’s principle goals, which is why the YWCA helps over 100,000 women annually gain independence through economic empowerment programs.

YWCA locals offer financial literacy training, from budget basics to retirement planning. With the support of one of our partners, the Allstate Foundation, in 2010 every YWCA in the country was provided a financial literacy curriculum: “The Allstate Moving Ahead through Financial Management Curriculum.” The curriculum includes tools and information designed to empower victims of domestic violence and people of all incomes to be self-sufficient with their finances. In addition to this national YWCA Allstate program, here are other programs and special events from around the country where women learn how to manage their money.

  • YWCA Hartford (Conn.) Region’s The Money Conference for Women, with topics including managing debt and credit, investing, and financial independence for young women. The annual conference is a free, one-day event offering financial strategies for women of all ages, economic backgrounds, and levels of financial literacy.
  • YWCA Berkeley/Oakland’s (Calif.) annual Young Women and Money Conference, teaching young women (ages 18 to 20) skills that lead to financial independence. The YWCA Berkeley/Oakland also offers “Money Workshops,” financial literacy classes for teens, and courses on investing, credit, and financial security for women of all ages.
  • YWCA Evanston/North Shore (Ill.) offers Basic Money Management for Women, which provides money management tools for women with both low and moderate incomes. Not only does the Evanston YWCA have a cross-section of financial literacy classes for women of all ages, but it also offers free childcare during instruction.
  • YWCA Santa Monica (Calif.) is home to The Libbie Agran Financial Literacy Center, featuring computer labs and software that help girls build their science and math skills, and classes that help women learn investment and saving strategies. Programs cover a wide range of services, from building stronger families through financial empowerment to providing mentors for business owners and investors.
  • YWCA Delaware’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship focuses on helping women start and grow their own businesses. The Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship offers coaching workshops, continuing education classes, and business development planning. They also provide financial literacy, home ownership, and home foreclosure prevention programs.