What Women Want: A National Day of Action for Immigration Reform, June 6 2013

Earlier this year, the YWCA USA launched the “What Women Want: Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2013” campaign, which aims to advocate for fair, inclusive immigration legislation for women and families. Through partnerships with national immigration advocates from across the country, we continue to call for the passage of broad and humane national immigration reform legislation that will provide a clear roadmap to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans, including DREAMers, and makes it possible for them to fully integrate into the nation’s social and economic fabric, with all of the rights and responsibilities entailed in full integration.

The campaign has increased awareness as to how immigration reform legislation impacts women and families through a variety of ways, including a national Twitter party, a blog carnival, and a National Day of Action on Capitol Hill, when local associations and partners met directly with Members of Congress to talk about immigration reform that respects the needs to women and families. This year, the YWCA coordinated nearly 300 visits with congressional offices, with over 40% of these visits with Members of Congress in addition to meetings with their staff. (View photos from these visits.)

As the House considers proposed legislation for immigration reform – possibly as piecemeal bills, instead of a comprehensive bill such as S.744 – it is critical that our Members of Congress hear from us. Here’s how you can take action:

  • Check back daily for a list of key issues and proposed legislation being considered by the House.
  • Be sure to call, email and Tweet to make your voice heard on the need for immigration reform to be comprehensive, fair and inclusive of the needs of immigrant women and families.
  • Stay plugged into the conversation with the YWCA, using the following hashtag: #women4CIR.

For questions or more information, contact Senior Policy Associate, Racial Justice and Civil Rights, Qudsia Jafree.

Read and Share the National Day of Action for Immigration Reform Blog Carnival

On May 30, the YWCA USA hosted an immigration reform blog carnival with our partners and fellow activists. We wanted to know about the need for comprehensive immigration reform and why it matters for women: What do immigrant women need the most from comprehensive reform? Click here to read the posts!

Become a Partner

You can support the “What Women Want: Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2013” by becoming a partner. Whether you are a local, state, tribal or national group, there are many ways to engage in the campaign to ensure that the voices of immigrant women and families are included in the conversation around comprehensive immigration reform.

To learn more about becoming a partner, contact Senior Policy Associate, Racial Justice and Civil Rights, Qudsia Jafree.