What Women Want: A National Survey of Priorities and Concerns

What Women Want Report CoverIn 2008, the YWCA commissioned “What Women Want,” a national survey of women, in order to understand the issues that women wanted the new Obama administration to address, and to understand what women feel is standing in the way of their progress. The survey results make clear that the youngest women aged 18-29 – Generation Y – are unique from their older sisters, mothers and grandmothers in many ways, not least of which is their deep commitment to issues of racial tolerance and discrimination in their lives and the lives of other women. Minority women and white women see the world in different ways on several key issues that they say they would like the White House to address, but there are many areas of agreement, as well.

• Download the full report: “What Women Want: A National Survey of Priorities and Concerns” (PDF, 2.4 MB)
• Download a summary of key findings (PDF, 258K)
• Download the Nov. 2008 press release (PDF, 100K)