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  Chief Program Officer 

DEPARTMENT: Administration



Ensures that individual programs effectively contribute to the achievement of the organization’s mission. Identify needs and opportunities in the community and develop and supervise programs and activities that meet those needs consistent with the Board approved strategic plan. The Chief Program Officer writes program grants and provides leadership for the effective achievement of program and organizational goals, supervising 5 full-time program directors, ensuring collaboration, communication and quality in all program and personnel activities.


• Plans, writes and reports on all program grants. Ensures program directors are aware of and working to their grant outcomes. Supervises grant writing intern(s).
• Establishes and maintains relationships with public and private funding agencies that support program activities, including United Way and local, state and federal government agencies, to ensure that program activities, record-keeping and reporting meet all guidelines and requirements.
• Collaborates with CEO and individual program directors to envision the future of existing programs and create new programs and activities consistent with the Board approved strategic plan.
o Provides leadership to program directors to support the development and implementation of quality programming that meets organizational goals and moves the organization toward achievement of its mission. Supervises program work plans for each department. Oversees comprehensive program planning for the organization.
o Evaluates programs on a regular basis. Works with program directors to assess needs of clients and community served and constantly works to improve programs to ensure that these needs are being met.
• Represents the organization in the community and builds connections for resources, collaboration and visibility. Serves on committees and participates in activities that provide opportunities for promoting the organization and its programs and supports achievement of the organization mission and goals.
• Responsible for providing “big picture” oversight to ensure that program and organizational activities are compatible and consistent with each other, with administrative guidelines, and with organizational policies and procedures.
• Facilitates programs’ collaboration with Marketing and Communications Director.
• Works with Director of Finance and program directors on development and monitoring of departmental budgets. Ensures that all programs are operated in a cost-effective, cost-efficient manner. Monitors account receivables to ensure that sound financial management practices are being followed.
• Supports the budgeting process for programs and oversees budget development and management with program directors to ensure adequate resources are allocated to implement program activities and meet goals, and that revenue goals are met. Works with the Director of Finance, program directors, and CEO to develop budget projections for program operations, expense and revenue.


• Education level
o Master’s degree in Education, Business or Public Administration, Social Work, Women’s Studies, or related field or equivalent experience.
• Experience:
o Five years program management
o Two years of grant writing and grant management
• Certifications: none required
• Technical:
o Proficient in Microsoft and Google business applications


• Experience working with Asheville’s communities of color (in a professional or informal capacity)
• A deep understanding of issues of racial and gender inequity in Asheville

HOURS OF WORK: Monday- Friday -- Occasional evenings or weekends.

STARTING WAGE RANGE: $52,000 to $60,000

FLSA STATUS: Exempt. Full time

HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume and cover letter:


Deadline is March 22, 2018

Changes to this form must be approved by the Director of Human Resources prior to publishing.
Location:Asheville, NC 28801 US View Map
Date Posted:03/01/2018
Date Last Modified:03/01/2018
Start Date:3/1/2018 
Hours per week:Monday- Friday -- Occasional evenings or weekends. 
Salary:$52,000 to $60,000 
Certifications desired: 
More Detail:Additional Information
Contact:Human Resources