YWCA USA Partners

While local YWCA associations are our primary internal partners, YWCA USA also creates strong connections with external organizations of influence and affluence to help us advance our work to empower women and eliminate racism, both nationally and locally. Meet our team of partners and find out how you can join the team below:

The Allstate Foundation

Allstate Foundation is a partner and supporter for the of the 3rd annual Leadership & Capacity Building Institute (LCBI). For over 60 years, the Allstate Foundation has used the relationships, reputation and resources of Allstate to support innovative and lasting solutions that enhance people’s well-being and prosperity. The YWCA USA and Allstate are partners in building safer neighborhoods and stronger communities.

Allstate Foundation

Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is a diversified, multi-national healthcare enterprise that provides a portfolio of services to government-sponsored healthcare programs, focusing on under-insured and uninsured individuals. Centene is committed to providing the best possible care to its members and the communities in which they live. With that goal, YWCA USA and Centene Corporation have engaged in a three-year project to launch an emotional management and heathy relationships program for teen girls served through the YWCA network. The project will be implemented in three phases: Program Development and Design, Pilot Implementation and Active Programming, and Evaluation. The project period is March 2017 through February 2020.

Centene Corporation

Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research

YWCA USA is a partner in the Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research, a national coalition of institutions in the U.S. committed to taking meaningful action to support and improve research addressing the lives of women and girls of color. Research about women and girls of color is still marginal, can be difficult to access, and is insufficiently integrated into policy-making processes. This research deficit has meaningful consequences for the lives of women and girls of color. Addressing that deficit requires the partnership and commitment of a wide coalition. As a Collaborative partner, YWCA USA has made a commitment to invest resources in research and research application over the next five years, and work collaboratively with other members to build new connections, share promising practices, and support the advancement of research addressing the lives of women and girls of color.
Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research logo

First Book

The YWCA USA has partnered with First Book, a national nonprofit organization that provides access to high-quality, free and low-cost books for programs and schools who serve children in need. First Book has distributed over 100 million new books to schools and community programs serving children from low-income families.  First Book is generously providing YWCA local associations with an opportunity to participate in their two book programs:

To find out more and register your local YWCA, please click here.

First Book

National Center for Women & Information Technology

YWCA USA is a member of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), proudly joining this community of more than 850 prominent corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profits working to increase girls' and women's participation in technology and computing. As a member of the K-12 Alliance, YWCA USA works to improve the recruitment, retention and advancement of girls in computing-related STEM education programs and career fields that can greatly enhance their economic opportunities and outcomes.
NCWIT logo

National STEM Collaborative – Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology

As a member of the National STEM Collaborative (NSTEMC), YWCA USA pursues our strategic commitment to providing girls and women of color access to high-quality opportunities, experiences, and pathways to enter and persist in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) fields. Housed within the Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology (CGEST) at Arizona State University, our membership in NSTEMC provides YWCA USA access to evidence-based STEM strategies in conjunction with possible partner organizations.
CGEST logo


Through a competitive process, YWCA USA was selected as Nordstrom's Nonprofit Partner for 2017. YWCA USA will receive 2.5% of net sales from Treasure&Bond, a Nordstrom give-back brand. 70% of the funds will be distributed to 36 local associations to support STEM and youth development programs; 20% of funds will be used to update the YWCA USA TECH GYRLS curriculum and the remaining 10% will support YWCA Canada and its youth development programs.


Purple Purse Campaign

The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Challenge is a friendly fundraising competition that has raised nearly $5.5 million for more than 160 national, state and local nonprofits and the survivors they serve. Generous contributions from donors all across the country have helped provide life-changing services to survivors, helping them get the financial knowledge, skills and resources they need to break free from abuse and rebuild their lives.

T-Mobile (Employee Networks)

T-Mobile's employee networks have chosen YWCA USA as its 2017 partner. The Multicultural Network is supporting Stand Against Racism and the Women's Leadership Network is supporting Week Without Violence, with a $20,000 contribution to each signature campaign.


USA Track and Field

As an extension of our national Health & Safety platform, YWCA USA has adopted RunJumpThrow (RJT) as a model program. RJT, a program of USA Track and Field (USATF), is a hands-on curriculum designed to introduce children to basic skills of running, jumping and throwing — skills that are essential to physical literacy and building life-long habits of and access to physical activity. This partnership helps YWCA USA positively impact the lives of children, especially those who are traditionally underserved, have the least access to structured and unstructured play, and are likely to have inequitable health outcomes. As a model program, YWCA USA has partnered with USATF to customize a RJT curriculum that specifically focuses on how RJT aligns with one of our national outcomes: to improve the health of women and girls of color.

USATF logo

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

YWCA USA is a partner with W.K. Kellogg Foundation on their Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) initiative. This multi-year, unprecedented effort will promote racial healing and uproot unconscious and conscious beliefs in racial hierarchy. YWCA USA is specifically participating in a workgroup that focuses on the intersections of racial equity and the U.S. economy.

Kellogg Foundation logo

Join Our Team

On behalf of women, girls and families all across the United States, we salute our partners with heartfelt thanks and look forward to expanding our work through new partnerships.

YWCA USA partners with corporations, foundations, organizations and government institutions to help us further our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women all over the United States. Partnership and sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Partnering to catalyze change or support best practices and innovative programming

For more information on these opportunities, please contact our Development department or call (202) 467-0801.