Q: Where is YWCA USA located?

YWCA USA is located in Washington, D.C. Our address is 1020 19th Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20036.

Q: How do I find my local YWCA?
Click here to find a YWCA in your community.

Q: What is the purpose of YWCA?
YWCA USA is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, stand up for social justice, help families, and strengthen communities. We are one of the oldest and largest women's organizations in the nation, serving over 2 million women, girls, and their families. Through advocacy and local programming, we create real change for women, families, and communities.

Q: How many people do you serve?
YWCA has 225 associations and serves more than 2 million women, girls, and their families in the United States. We are also part of an international movement serving 25 million worldwide in 120 countries.

Each year, YWCAs help more than 535,000 women with safety services, which include sexual assault programs, domestic violence services such as emergency shelter, crisis hotlines, counseling and court assistance, and other community safety programs. We also help more than 122,000 women with economic empowerment programs, and more than 160,000 individuals participate each year in racial justice education and training programs.

Q: When was YWCA founded?
In 1855, the first YWCA was established in London, England. The United States developed its first chapter in 1858. The first national board was established in 1906.

Q: What are YWCA USA’s priorities?
To advance our mission, YWCA focuses its mission-driven work in three signature areas where we believe we can have the most impact: racial justice and civil rights, empowerment and economic advancement of women and girls, and health and safety of women and girls.

Q: How is YWCA structured?
YWCA is a national organization with 225 local associations across the United States.

At YWCA’s annual meeting in May 2012, a transition from the prior regional structure to a national federated structure was approved, followed by the adoption of new bylaws in November 2012. The goal of the new organizational structure is to leverage the collective strength of local YWCAs and the national organization as a national movement. Under the new structure, YWCA USA will provide a range of technical assistance and capacity-building services to local YWCAs, safeguard the integrity of the YWCA brand, and maintain a strong national presence that will position the iconic, multi-tiered organization for increased stability and sustainability for the future.

Q: What is YWCA’s official corporate name?
YWCA USA changed its corporate name from “Young Women’s Christian Association of the United States of America, Inc.” to “YWCA USA, Inc.” in December 2015. This updated corporate name is more reflective of our diverse and inclusive nature. In the early years of the YWCA movement, it was a “Christian sisterhood” that drove our work. Today, it’s a commitment to social justice, no matter someone’s religion. This more accurate name provides us with the opportunity to engage many more individuals in the important and inspiring work of our organization.