YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley

YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley Committees

​ YWCA Pasadena Foothill Valley Supporters! Want to be a part of our organization, but don't know how? COME AND JOIN ONE OF OUR COMMITTEES AND WE WILL SHOW YOU WHAT A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN MAKE!

Our Women For Racial Justice Breakfast is an annual event celebrating and working towards racial justice. Every October, the YWCA honors a woman at the forefront of the fight towards racial justice and brings together the Pasadena community in recognition of their work and to further the cause. This committee organizes the breakfast which includes finding sponsors, speakers, selling tables, doing logistics, and planning the silent auction.

PLEASE CONTACT | Angeline Chen – achen@shusterman.com

Our programs cannot continue without supplies and funding for programs. It is the goal of these individuals to bring in donations, organize fundraisers, and facilitate relationships with corporations to show them what important work we do to continue to provide a service to the community.

PLEASE CONTACT | Peggy Gala - peggygala@yahoo.com

The focus of our work is tolerance, inclusion and diversity. Eliminating racism and promoting social justice is a prerequisite to creating the inclusion and equitable society we seek. This committee furthers this ideal by holding public forums and panel discussions throughout the year. This year, we will be organizing “Talking the Talk” community discussions with topics ranging from facing our fears to racial profiling to human trafficking.

PLEASE CONTACT | PATTY WHONG - pywhong@yahoo.com

   Our chief responsibilities are to determine the membership of our board and measure the quality of performance of the board as a whole and individual board members. We will help with the management of the organization, assist in formulating key policies and strategic goals, update the bylaws and plan the board retreat. This committee is meant for people who enjoy creating structure and/or have a legal background.

PLEASE CONTACT | ANA ACEVEDO - anaace@yahoo.com

We welcome and encourage community members of any gender to join our committees.