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What The YWCA Means To Me!

Take a few moments to read some real-life testimonials below from Just For Girls and TechGyrls participants!

Nicole D., John Muir High School graduate
Currently attending: California State University, Los Angeles
"The YWCA made me feel so welcomed when I first joined and every time I went the instructor was really nice. I felt very comfortable with the people that attended each meeting. It was a place where me and my friends could go hang out and meet new people. It felt like a family that I could talk to about any situation I was in. Thanks YWCA for everything you have done!!"

Ariana S., Marshall High School graduate
"This program has helped not only me, but my whole family. I remember when I was in the 4th grade and had trouble reading and writing and the YWCA always had time to sit down and help me one on one. My parents didn't know English and had trouble helping me with my homework but the YWCA had homework time. Then in JFG there were subjects that sometimes you are scared to ask your parents, but at JFG they were able to answer your questions. It was lots of fun we went to lots of cool trips, but most of all we helped our community and that's what helped me the most - because I learned that in life it’s better to give than receive. I know that if I ever have a problem, I can count on the YWCA because they have been the only program that has made me feel like family. All I could say is that there would never be a program like the ones in the YWCA and I would give anything to go back to this group but I'm no longer a teen or in high school."

Claudia F., John Muir High School graduate
"This program helped me and family through a lot of things and I am thankful to be a part of this group.. YWCA made us feel like family and we could come any kind of problems and all of you guys were there for us."

Benita E., Pasadena High School
"YWCA's just for girls helped me by getting me to communicate with people more than I use too. I liked how there was always someone to talk to when needed and how YWCA help me with homework and internships."

Sonia F.
"This program has helped my family and me with a lot of things. It has made me an outgoing person. It has taught me a lot of things and answered a lot of questions that I wouldn’t be able to ask my parents. And for all of that I thank you guys."