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Major Gifts

Identify and cultivate prospects for major giving.

Kintera PRM helps nonprofit organizations act quickly to find the best prospects, manage relationships with them, and dramatically increase annual donations for all of your major gift, annual gift, and planned gift programs and initiatives.

Data from interactions with your organization and mission can be overlayed with data from capacity assessment with the P!N Electronic ScreeningTM to make your further development efforts cost-effective and productive.

Contact a sales professional at Kintera to discuss a strategy for implementing Kintera Sphere with your development efforts and major gifts program.

Prospect Screening

P!N Electronic Screening is the most powerful prospect screening tool available, allowing you to easily find, profile, monitor and rank the wealth in your database by criteria deemed most important to you. By identifying those most likely to give at higher levels, P!N Electronic Screening helps ensure maximum success for all of your major gift campaigns.

Most Comprehensive Data Sources -- P!N Electronic Screening provides the most comprehensive data sources to match against your database, including but not limited to Thomson Financial, Vickers Stock Research, Dun & Bradstreet®, Equifax, IXI Corporation, Donnelley Marketing, GuideStar® Foundations, Waltman Associates, the FEC, CASE® Matching Gifts Clearinghouse, and an exclusive arrangement with LexisNexis® for access to their comprehensive ALLBIO file.

Superior 3-D Approach to Ranking -- We look at our prospects with a three-dimensional view to ensure the greatest consistency in the scoring process, the greatest likelihood of matches in the screening process (short term and long term), and reveal where more in-depth research might prove beneficial. When these three attributes converge in a potential donor, you know you’ve found your best prospect.

Affinity – Identify your most interested supporters by their affinity to your organization.
Capacity – Determine the financial giving ability of prospects with our Gift Capacity Calculator.
Propensity – Find those prospects most likely to behave as a major donor, and at what level.

Superior Matching Logic -- In addition to exact matches, we also provide “proximity” matches you can easily view, delete or keep. This exclusive matching feature gives you the most accurate and complete results.


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Volunteer Management

VIP (Very Important Prospect) is a web-based application that provides an interactive workflow solution for giving campaigns and prospect management supported by volunteers.

VIP allows your nonprofit staff to:

  • Customize the volunteer structure to meet any campaign need
  • Provide an online prospect list for volunteers to request prospects with whom they have an affinity for solicitation
  • Assign prospects based on volunteer request, volunteer availability or organizational needs; re-assign when appropriate
  • Manage each volunteer’s prospect list; receive real-time progress reports and giving commitments
  • Receive real-time notification when a prospect commitment is received
  • Access real-time status reports for the campaign
  • Create templates for personal webpages to be created by volunteers

VIP allows your campaign volunteers to:

  • Request prospect assignments, or recommend other volunteers for assignment
  • Build a personal webpage, with information about the campaign and their involvement as well as the ability to collect online donations
  • Manage prospects and all interactions within a password-protected website
  • Use an online form to submit prospect interactions and maintain prospect logs
  • View reference information for each prospect, including profile information, giving summary and activity history
  • Utilize email to support communication with prospects
  • View real-time status of their progress and track this progress against other volunteers
  • Oversee a team of volunteers based on the pyramid structure

Who Do You Know?

Ideal for managing any type of giving campaign, this innovative community module leverages the power of the Internet to help volunteers manage major donor relationships in a consistent, efficient manner. Most major donors are already in your database – VIP simply provides a better way to manage your volunteer community and improve the effectiveness of major gift campaigns.

Kintera VIP is your organization’s key to major donor success.


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Opportunities Management

P!N Opps allows development officers to manage staff and opportunities. Because no two organizations are alike, P!N Opps is highly customizable, allowing you to create custom stages to suit your fundraising solicitation cycle and custom form fields so your staff can input information on opportunities at each stage. Additionally, P!N Opps includes sophisticated user rights and privilege features for hierarchical access to reports and records.

View opportunity reports that illustrate forecasted pipeline, won opportunities and various groupings based on useful information. Track data such as length of time in each stage, time from open to close for an opportunity, average results per person and other useful moves benchmarks.


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What Our Customers Are Doing
Consider the possibilities for...

  • Capital Campaigns
  • Annual Campaigns
  • Galas - sponsorship, table and ticket sales
  • Naming Opportunities
  • Committee and Board
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Lecture Series
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours
  • Networking Nights
  • Exclusive Receptions
  • Volunteer Fundraising
  • Donor Recognition Events and Web Sites
  • Donor Club Online Communities
  • Data overlays and Analysis
  • Prospect Identification
  • Prospect Tracking


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