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Software as a Service

Why Build or Buy When You Can Simply Subscribe?

What do you do when you need phone service, water, electricity or cable? You order monthly service and go. Software should be so easy – and now it is! Kintera is an ASP (Application Service Provider), providing Kintera Sphere online on a subscription basis. This web-based ‘software as a service’ model gives nonprofits an affordable, scaleable solution for meeting fundraising, marketing, programming and advocacy needs. Account activation can be instantaneous. There is no faster, easier way to get online.


1) Lower Cost
Fortune 500 Tools at a Nonprofit Price

For an affordable monthly subscription, Kintera clients access a complete suite of essential applications on demand via the Internet.  Implementation fees are significantly lower than developing custom solutions or purchasing proprietary software and hardware.  And as too many have learned too late, initial custom software development outlays are a mere fraction of the long-term costs. Spreading infrastructure, development, maintenance and future innovation costs across a broad base of users means you can access Fortune 500 tools that would otherwise simply be out of reach.  Best of all, you get to focus on your mission!

2) Reliable Cost Forecasting
Say “Yes, I Know What Our Technology Costs Will be in Three Years”

Subscription fees are not only affordable, they are fixed. With Kintera, you can reliably forecast your IT costs over several years. With custom development, or even just custom deployment, you never know what each year will bring as you strive to engineer or re-engineer applications to keep up with technology change. With software purchases, you face a daunting and variable mix of integration, licensing, version upgrade, support, and infrastructure costs as you try to scale and adapt to changing requirements.

3) Continual Technology Enhancements
A Proven Method for Staying Ahead of the Game

Our clients love the continual, automated, easy access to technology enhancements our software as a service model provides.  There is no need to pay for custom development or buy a new upgrade every time technology takes a step forward.  All our product enhancements are made available to all clients - instantly.  And you’ll never have to struggle with painful data conversions again. Each software enhancement will function on top of your data without your having to do anything. Rest easy knowing your mousetrap is a self-improvement model.

4) Increased Security and Reliability
A Fort Knox for Your Data

Kintera’s high capacity infrastructure includes three data centers, with full system and database redundancy, load balancing and fail-over. Our data centers are in guarded and secured commercial co-location facilities, with state-of-the-art monitoring, full data encryption and advanced virus protection for maximum security.  This extraordinarily secure, high performance infrastructure would cost you a fortune to replicate, whether you attempted to build it in-house or to pay for similar services at a co-location or high-end shared hosting facility. 

5) Easy Access
A Web Browser – That’s All You Need

What more can one say? What could be easier?

6) Full Support
Know Who to Call

Kintera has a full team of implementation, training and customer support professionals to assist you every step of the way. If you’ve ever relied on IT help from consultants or developers that have moved or gone out of business, on volunteers who no longer have time, or on staff that has turned over or been cut, you know the peace of mind that comes with a stable, always-on support team.

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