Case Statement

Serving the women and families of our valley is what we do best at YWCA Mahoning Valley.  The YWCA  assists women and their families who are unemployed, underemployed, hungry, and don’t have  access to affordable housing, gainful employment or help with their childcare needs.  

The YWCA has been part of the fabric of our community for 110 years.  Originally established in 1904 to provide affordable housing, education and recreation, the YWCA continues to provide these core  services today, modified to current community needs.  Our Warren office was established in 1916 to provide housing, education, recreation, and job skills. Combined, we bring more than 200 years of expertise to serving women, children, and families in the Mahoning Valley.

Decline in Federal funding for some of our much needed programs has intensified the need for funds.  Additional funds are crucial to maintain excellent standards of service to our clients and assist them with their basic needs of shelter, food and clothing, etc.   Please consider  donating to the Annual Giving campaign and join us as we build a  better community.   

The YWCA served more than 4,600  people in 2013. 

To read more about our programs, read our Case Statement.