Wish List For Transitional Housing Residents

In addition to monetary donations, we accept item donations for women and families served through YWCA programs.

Household Items Toiletries Personal Items
Alarm clocks  Toothpaste/toothbrushes                     Stationery/envelopes 
Reading lamps   Diapers (all sizes)    Socks
Pillows    Tylenol (adult and child)  Umbrellas           
Towels    Aspirin  Gloves/hats/scarves      
Washcloths     Ibuprofen (Advil)    Nailpolish/remover
Twin sheets      Sinus medication   Slippers     
Area rugs     Cough syrup   Body wash sets
Comforters      Antibiotic creams   Blankets          
Wall decorations      Band-Aids  Calculators
Forks/spoons/knives    Deodorant   Manicure set        
Cooking utensils    Bar soap    Sweaters             
Dishcloths & towels    Shampoo/conditioner   Room fresheners
Pots/pans   Mouthwash   Batteries      
Laundry detergent        Antacids       Robes
Cleaning spray     Benedryl creams   Watches
Dishwashing liquid    Cotton balls  Perfume