Host a Facilitator Workshop

Facilitator Workshops are hosted by organizations in various cities each month. An organization may choose to sponsor a Facilitator Workshop within their community as a way to train multiple employees and volunteers. The host organization may also choose to partner with other organizations to ensure adequate participation. Facilitator Workshops are a full day, typically 8:30 - 5:00, and are taught by an Authorized Darkness to Light Instructor.

The Host Organization Agrees to:

  • Ensuring a minimum of 10 with a maximum limit of 25 participants at the cost of $450.00 per participant. The host organization may pay for all participants, or participants may register and pay for the workshop individually.
  • Provide a facility with TV and DVD player, or computer with DVD player, speakers, and projector.
  • Reimburse travel expenses for a Darkness to Light Instructor, which may include airfare/car rental and gas, up to 2 nights lodging, and a per diem for meals.

Darkness to Light Provides:

  • Online registration for the workshop on the D2L website.
  • An Authorized Darkness to Light Instructor to conduct the Facilitator Workshop.
  • All training materials.

If you would like to host a Facilitator Workshop, complete the Agreement for Hosting a Facilitator Workshop and email to or fax to 843-965-5449.