Partner in Prevention Program

Ever wish there was a way to recognize organizations that "get it"- the ones who understand 
how important prevention is and make it a priority?

How about having an organization's commitment to prevention immediately obvious
to anyone who walks through the door?

Imagine a day when parents only select youth serving organizations where
staff and volunteers have been trained in Stewards of Children



Darkness to Light’s Partner in Prevention™ is a program that recognizes organizations for partnering with us in prevention.  . A Partner in Prevention is an organization or business that has committed the time and effort to educate themselves how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. An organization receives the Partner in Prevention distinction by making prevention a priority and regularly training their staff and/or volunteers in Stewards of Children.

Think of it like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval or the AAA 4 Star Award – it’s a distinction that people recognize as a sign of quality. Organizations that have met the criteria for distinction will have an emblem they can display in their windows, put on their website, or print on brochures...showing their dedication to prevention. The emblem also represents an unrelenting effort by YOU to educate adults and forever enhance the quality of children’s lives.

Why Partner in Prevention?

  • It's a way for organizations to set themselves apart!
  • It's a way for parents to choose youth serving organizations!
  • It creates positive peer pressure! It may only take one daycare, for example, to inspire other daycares to also earn the distinction.
  • We hope parents will demand organizations that serve their children take Stewards of Children training and work towards the distinction.

Think about how wonderful it would be if the Partner in Prevention distinction became a standard to measure all youth serving organizations, schools and faith centers by.

So, who in your community should be recognized? Who would you like to honor by giving the distinction of Partner in Prevention?

A qualifying organization can apply themselves or you, as the facilitator, may apply for them.

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As you might expect, there are a lot of details that had to be considered. You can see the details by reviewing the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

When can an organization apply?

An organization or a Facilitator can apply for the distinction beginning in December 2010. Applications will be evaluated and distinctions awarded beginning in January 2011. 

Can I apply for an organization?

Yes! If you have trained an organization that qualifies, you are encouraged to apply on their behalf. We hope that the distinction will be something that helps you sustain or grow your community trainings.

Do they have to apply every year?

Yes. Partner status must be renewed annually by submitting an updated application. Organizations will receive a new dated seal after each successful renewal.

How many people have to be trained?

At least 90% of an organization's staff must be trained in Stewards of Children. There are three subsets which an applying organization or business will fall into. Match the organization to its subset and see their specific qualifications here.

What if the organization has more than one location?

Each location must follow the same parameters and uphold the same standards to earn the distinction. If all guidelines are followed at each location, Darkness to Light will grant an emblem for the organization to display at each qualifying location. Alternatively, an application can be submitted for each location as they qualify.

Is there a brochure?

Yes.  Click here for a one pager describing the Partner in Prevention program.