Leveraging Your State Page

Have you checked out the page for your state on the web page? Since D2L media runs nationally we want www.D2L.org to represent OUR COLLECTIVE efforts all over the country.We hope that the individual state pages help drive website visitors to learn about what you are doing in your local area. Everyday calls and emails come to D2L from people looking for ways to get involved, or asking for information for a news story they are working on, or because they are an organization that needs training. Your state page is how we connect them with you!

Please make sure you are posting you upcoming trainings and prevention events so visitors to your state page can see all that you have going on.

Beyond posting your upcoming events, there are more ways that you can put the state pages to work for you!

Customizing and Using the State Pages

There is a short web address that you can use to take people directly to your state’s page – www.D2L.org/XX. Just use your state’s two letter abbreviation in place of the XX. Utah for example would be www.D2L.org/UT. (For Washington DC use www.D2L.org/DC and for those of you outside the US, see the list below of abbreviations to use.) Use this address as a link on your website or on your printed material! 

Send Us Your News Now!

The state pages have been structured so you can also use the site to share success stories about your efforts. We have created the SC page as an example. www.D2L.org/SC

All of the sections of the state pages are dynamic and most are based on information you provide to us:
  • State Success Stories - the top section of the page can remain static as it is now, or this space can be used to highlight success stories you want to share. For example, "ABC School Trains All Teachers in Prevention!" This is a great place to add frequent and timely headlines. It gives your organization more online exposure and also is nice kudo to others involved in your area! Any facilitator can contribute. Use this form to submit your news.
  • Child Sexual Abuse in the News - this section automatically pulls news stories from your state that relate to child sexual abuse, you don't have to do a thing!
  • Upcoming Events - this section is pulling in events that you add via the Facilitator Dashboard. Don't miss out on this advertising of your events!
  • State Initiative Overview - this can be added as an item on the left side Menu to provide an overview for your state. See the SC page as an example. Important: This section is intended to be "static" ie, not updated on a regular basis (1-2 times per year). Whomever is coordinating the initiative on behalf of your state/metro area, or the "lead" organization, should submit this information. Send us an email at facilitatorsupport@D2L.org if you would like to have an overview page created for your area.

International Abbreviations/Links: