Stewards of Children in Espanol Overview

When Darkness to Light created the Spanish adaptation of Stewards of Children, the organization relied on feedback from a Spanish-speaking focus group to help determine language and cultural differences for the training. Due to time restraints and cost, Stewards of Children Espanol uses the same video as Stewards of Children English, but with a Spanish voice over. Spanish-speaking audiences should be alerted that Stewards of Children was originally created in English, because at times the voice over may seem awkward or incorrectly worded. 

There are a few main differences between Stewards of Children Spanish and Stewards of Children English:

  • Stewards of Children Espanol DVD: You must purchase a Stewards of Children DVD with a Spanish voiceover on the Facilitator Storefront.
  • New Introduction: Created to let the audience know that Stewards of Children was originally created in English. The training has been adapted to reach other cultures, as child sexual abuse is a global issue. Facilitators are required to read a scripted introduction, though it can be adapted to be made more comfortable and engaging if necessary.
  • Additional Interactive Questions: The focus group developed additional questions to be included in the Stewards of Children Espanol delivery. Please use these questions in addition to the usual Stewards of Children discussion questions.
  • New Workbook Content: There have been revisions to some of the "7 Steps to Protecting Our Children" to accomodate for Spanish-speaking cultural differences. The revisions are also reflected in the additional discussion questions. These can be purchased on the Facilitator Storefront for $15 each.
  • Community Resources Template: This template is currently being developed. It will provide participants with a list of resources that service Spanish-speaking community members.